Walk With the Tweeps in 2012

For the 2012 3 Day for the Cure, the 3 Day Tweeps are more than just a virtual team – we have actual teams as well. And this year, we’re in FIVE cities: Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and San Diego!

There are currently two “Team Twitter” teamsĀ  and three “3 Day Tweeps” teams that are gladly welcoming new walkers and crew members. The only two requirements for joining one of our teams are a commitment to the 3 Day and a presence on Twitter, so that we can get to know you better. If you are interested in joining one of our Team Twitter teams, please contact the individual team captains via Twitter for more information.

Welcome to Team Twitter!

Team Twitter Boston
Boston Event, July 27th-29th
Captain: Alison Glancz (@glancz)
Team Twitter Boston Team Page

3 Day Tweeps Chicago
Chicago Event, August 10th-12th
Captains: Julie Brock, walker (@JulieWalks) and Laura Davis, crew (@LDavis1800)
3 Day Tweeps Chicago Team Page

3 Day Tweeps ATL
Atlanta Event, October 19th-21st
Captain: Julie Brock (@JulieWalks)
3 Day Tweeps ATL Team Page

Team Twitter Tampa
Tampa Event, October 26th-28th
Captains: Allison Estabrook Gresham (@SurvivorAllie) and Anastassia Zikkos (@azikkos)
Team Twitter Tampa Team Page

3 Day Tweeps San Diego
San Diego Event, November 16th-18th
Captain: Chrystine Holcomb (@chrysalis68)
3 Day Tweeps San Diego Team Page

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