Good Luck in Chicago, #3DayTweeps!

August 8th, 2012

CHICAGO!! It’s your time to shine!!

As with the previous two events, I’ve made a public Twitter list to help everyone follow all of our fellow #3DayTweeps walking or crewing in Chicago. And with a huge contingent of tweeps making up Team #3DayTweepsCHI (aka ‘Da Tweeps!), you’re definitely going to need help following them all:

Thanks again for being such a supportive, wonderful group of people to hang out with online and GO #3DAYTWEEPS!! Turn the Windy City PINK!!!

~ Kristen

3 Day Tweeps Mail Call: Boston, Cleveland, and Chicago!

July 10th, 2012

If there’s one thing we #3DayTweeps do exceedingly well, it’s cheer each other on. And when you’re on event, one of the most motivating things a sore walker or exhausted crew member can get is mail! With that in mind, here is all the information that you need to shower your fellow #3 DayTweeps taking in part in one of the first three events of the season with love, postage-style!!

Postmark deadline: July 17th

Susan G. Komen 3-Day
P.O. Box 180129
Boston, MA 02118

Bean Town Tweeps:
Jessica Boehle (@jessicaboehle)
Betsy Bond (@CAColtsFan18)
Christine Camper (@MrsClutterBrain)
Linsay Cocker (@momof4munchkins)
Amy Crandall (@AmyCran)
Jay Furr (@jay3day)
Alison Glancz, crew (@glancz)
Meagan Livergood (@3DayMeag)
Shannon McKeon (@shanmckeon)
Abbie Vicknair (@abbielicious613)

Postmark deadline: July 24th

Susan G. Komen 3-Day
P.O. Box 29
Homeworth, Ohio 44634

Forest City Tweeps:
Lyle Deckowitz, crew (@lyledeck)
Anne Marie Desimone (@amdesimone)
Jodi Merritt (@JodiWalksPink)


Postmark deadline: July 31st

Susan G. Komen 3-Day
PO Box 31725
Chicago, IL 60631

Windy City Tweeps:
Nicole Anderson (@nhanderson)
Betsy Bond (@CAColtsFan18)
Julie Brock (@JulieWalks)
Casondra Clement (@sandy8943)
Val Daniels (@sbux27)
Laura Davis (@ldavis1800)
Lyle Deckowitz, crew (@lyledeck)
Crystal Elster (@3DayCrystal)
Alison Glancz, crew (@glancz)
Pam Lawson Hembree (@lilshadetree)
Tommy Hembree (@mrlilshadetree)
Kate Jackson, crew (@krazykate30)
Kacie Kersey (@kaaaaacie)
Tammy Klueger (@2girls2boys)
Cheryl Pochapin (@6puma)
Tania Rossouw (@uniqua1303)
Larry Wheatley (@larry51652)
Mike Wingo (@mikepinkshoes)
Lisa Young-Brewster (@LisaBrewster)

As always, please keep in mind that only envelopes will be accepted. So please, no boxes or large packages. Please note: These addresses are not the actual location of the camps for the various events, but a PO Box for mail delivery only. Any mail that is not received by the Susan G. Komen 3-Day™ by the dates above will be destroyed.

Time to break out those pink pens. Happy writing!



A Call to Action

November 15th, 2011

I’ve got a little bit of a sore spot on my heart right now, and I need to talk about it. (You’ll see why I’m using this venue soon, I promise.)

Today, I received an email that made me nearly as happy as our favorite “You’ve received a donation!” emails. Today’s email came with the subject line “Welcome to the Commitment Club”. The email went on to explain that I was part of an “elite group of walkers who go the extra mile for the Susan G Komen 3-Day.” To say I was honored to receive this recognition is an understatement. Yes, I get free towels on the event this year, and yes, I get new flair on my Participant Page and Participant ID…and you all know how much I love my flair. But then I learned that some well-deserving people had been left out, and it made me very, very sad.

That’s why I’m writing here.

From The 3-Day FAQ page:
“There are two ways to qualify for the Commitment Club:

  1. Raise $5,000 or more for the 2012 3-Day season.
  2. Participate as a walker who raises $2,300 or more each year for three or more years, between 2003-2012, including 2012.”

If you read between the lines, you’ll see that an important group of people has, in my opinion, been left out: Crew. Yes, any crew member can qualify under option #1, but as any fundraiser knows, $5000 is a pretty steep sum. But walkers need only raise minimum for three or more events.* Crew aren’t required to raise a penny, but many do. And just as we walkers return year after year to walk and raise money and awareness, some crew also return year after year, even participate multiple events each year, year after year. And they do this is support of walkers. It is my opinion that those crew who go above and beyond also be recognized.

So today I made a call to the 3-Day Coaches. I spoke with the lovely Carla who listened to what I had to say, and she assured me that she would pass my comments on. Thank you, Carla. But I am also going to put my feelings into (more) words and draft an email to the 3-Day Coaches. I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but it’s going to go something like this: The contributions and the commitment of Crew who continue to go above and beyond DO matter. Without these dedicated men and women, this event could not happen. “Membership” in the Commitment Club is an additional level of recognition from an organization and cause that we all cherish, and suddenly that beloved organization has in effect snubbed a group of people with what I believe to be unbalanced qualification standards.”

I know that there is not an answer to make everyone happy, or cover all the bases, but there has to be a solution. I am going to propose that The 3-Day add an option 3. “Participate as a crew member who raises $500 or more each year for three or more years, including the 2012 3-Day season.” You may offer them your own proposal, but that will be mine.

Maybe they won’t use my idea. Maybe they won’t use yours. But I hope they will do something. If we all stand up in support of those who support us, I know that this injustice will be remedied. So I leave it up to you. If you like, I hope you’ll join me. It won’t take long, but it’ll help spread recognition to people who deserve it. Send your email:

Thank you!
Happy Walking and Crewing!!


*(Please do not assume that I don’t think that walking three or more years and raising minimum each year is easy. It’s not. I personally have struggled for every donation. And I’ve also felt the pain and time crunch that is necessary to properly train to walk 60 miles in 3 days. That also is not easy. I am honored to receive this distinction. But I also feel that there have been some who have been left out. Some who also deserve to be recognized.)

Chicago Mailing address

July 18th, 2011

Ok folks, show of hands…who met the Boston mail deadline? From the talk on Twitter, some made it, and some didn’t, and that’s cool. We all know how busy our lives are just training for the 3 Day, let alone doing the full-time job and/or parent and/or dissertation writing and/or traveling and/or growing a human gig. Regardless of your Boston mail status, be sure to get out there this weekend and support your tweep compadres via the 3DayTweep method of choice: Twitter! They’ll need all the encouragement we can muster. Oh, and don’t forget to hashtag #the3day and #3daytweeps. Go Boston Pink People!!

Ok, now down to Chicago mail business. We’ve added a few new folks to the list thanks to the @60mile clan…seems they’ve got nephews, daughters, sons, and even a third uncle twice removed joining the fun in Chicago. Lucky Tweeps!

Postmark deadline: July 26

3-Day for the Cure
P.O.Box 256720
Chicago, IL 60625

Windy City Tweeps:
@60milegirl (Lauri Yanis)
@60milehusband (Matt Goggin, crew)
Aliza Majewski (60miledaughter, a.k.a. Lauri’s “babygirl” …she’s gonna love me for that!)
Rob Goggin (60mileson, a.k.a. Lauri’s stepson and Matt’s son…no embarassing nickname for him. Bummer.)
@bros4boobies (Sam Yanis) …yet another person in the 60mileclan, a.k.a. Lauri’s nephew.
@uniqua1303 (Tania Rossouw)
@JodiWalksPink (Jodi Merritt)

Deadline for Chicago mail is a week from tomorrow people! So get out the pen, paper and stamps and get writing. And remember: encouragement doesn’t require War and Peace length writing…a simple “Great Googly-Moogly You Are AWESOME!” can go a long way toward making tired feet less tired and a pink tent feel downright homey.

Happy writing and tweeting!
-Julie (@knittingbagel)