Me and my wonderful, adorable kids, Bailey, Taylor, & Madison!!


My name is Stacie Flinn and I am walking in Atlanta in Oct 2010. This is my first 3Day walk.  I am a member of the 3Day team “Pink for Life”, nine amazing women trying to make a difference in this fight.

I have 7 year old triplets, 2 girls and a boy. We live in Huntsville.  My husband is a District Manager for Sears and I am a stay at home Accountant.  (I worked in public accounting firms for 15 years until my babies were born and then decided I needed to set my own schedule and work.  Hence the stay at home part!)

I am very very busy with home and kids’ activities! I am a Brownie Troop leader, a home room mom and CEO & Financial Adviser to the Flinn Household.   And now I am doing this 3Day walk.

I was inspired to do this walk by a friend, Deb Swinford, I met when I first moved to Huntsville who was diagnosed with breast cancer that same year.  She is a mom of an 8 year old and thankfully is surviving this dreaded disease after a double mastectomy.  That same year a friend’s mom, Lavada, was also diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is surviving but in a very tough fight. Within the last month, another friend,  Cristina Boudha, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and now has begun her fight to survive this disease.

It is because of these women and the millions more that I walk.  I cannot imagine being diagnosed with this horrible disease.  I cannot imagine one of my girls being diagnosed with this disease.  I cannot imagine one more friend being diagnosed with this disease.  And I hope I never have too…

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