My name is Kristen and I am a veteran 3 Day walker that lives in Midtown Atlanta (that would be ITP to all you locals!).  I walked in the Atlanta 3 Day in ’07 and in ’08 and I just finished my third walk in Boston in late July 2010.  I have been documenting my 3 Day experiences on my personal blog, Kristen Walks, since 2008.  I have included a link to my blog feed below.

This year, I was thrilled to be the captain of Relentless Optimism, a team of 4 walkers and 3 crew members for the Boston event.  We also have another walker that will be walking in the Philly event due to scheduling conflicts with the Boston walk.  We had an amazing event in Boston, with our walkers battling through rain, heat, blisters and sore muscles to push through to the end.  We were supported all along the way by our three favorite crew members who gave us a huge morale boost in camp and along the way.  We will be posting photos and stories from the event soon on our team blog, which I have also included the feed for below.

Even though my event is now done, I am looking forward to continuing to support my local Atlanta walkers as they prepare for their events this fall.  I am particularly excited to Walker Stalk all of the walkers during the Atlanta 3 Day this coming October.  If you’re walking in Atlanta – be on the look out for me!

Oh, and I’m the one that actually owns @3DayMug!  If you would like to chaperone Mug as she makes her way around the country to the various 3 Day events, please let me know.  I can be reached by email at kscincotta@gmail.com or on Twitter at @kscincotta.

My personal blog, Kristen Walks:

The Relentless Optimism Team Blog:

Relentless Optimism at the 2010 Boston 3 Day Finish Line! (Image courtesy of Brian Ristuccia)

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