Hi, I’m Vanessa- aka ‘Lead Coconut’

I walk the Breast Cancer 3Day in honor of my Aunt Terry but when I originally registered for my first walk in 2007 I was most interested in having a girls weekend.  A good friend of mine (Iron Coconut) had done the walk and there was no question in my mind when she asked me to do it with her since breast cancer runs in my family.  The event was life changing, I knew from the moment opening ceremonies began that I would put my heart and soul into this event for years to come.

The 3Day has made me more aware of not only my own physical shape and health habits but for those around me as well.  Raising breast cancer awareness is a goal for our team as we have grown from 3 members to double-digits in just a few years!  It’s the most incredible thing to share this experience with others and watch them succeed with not only their fund raising goals but also the belief in themselves when they make it to the event.  I originally thought that this event would be a good thing for me but it’s truly so much bigger than that. When I’m not training for the 3Day you can find me spending time with my supportive husband and incredible friends.  I love to travel, I love music and I love my job as a software trainer for interior design space planning software company.

Check out our team at www.coconutterstrutters.com

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