Mary Beth\’s (my mom) Memorial Video

Greetings Tweeps!! My name is Anne Marie and I TRY to be a 3 Day walker/crew person. The reason I say try is in 2009 when my mom passed away (please see memorial video above) My family decided to walk the 3 Day. I had never heard of it, but I was ALL IN. Well soon after signing up and started to fund raise I found out I was pregnant with baby #2. I was going to push through, but I failed…miserably. So after raising over $1000 I bowed out. I still flew to Chicago with my family to cheer them on (in the hottest weekend in Chicago of the year)  and walked, bused, and took the L (<- is that right?) all over to cheering stations alone. After that I was more determined than ever to walk.

The next year (2010) we walked in Cleveland (home base, if you will). We held our second annual fundraiser and had a blast. We opted not to camp…I was conflicted on this, I wanted to camp, but my babies were at my dad’s house (and a real shower, food, and possibly some beer/wine). This entire experience became an addiction. SERIOUSLY!I hadn’t trained properly, had horrible shoes, and even walked Day 3 in flip flops because we weren’t planning on even walking. It was awesome!!!

2011 was a rough year…in October 2010 we moved…to Atlanta. VERY far away from our family and support. And then I had baby #3 in July (actually the weekend of Cleveland’s 3 Day)…Atlanta’s 3 Day was in October and I just didn’t feel like I would be ready yet (I obviously hadn’t met @krazykate30!!) So I went walker stalking with @cupcakekristin. It was a blast…with my 2 month old baby along for the adventure :-) Anyway it was sort of my “bye year.” Though if you were on twitter I was very active, though sad during 3 Day weekends…but enough about that.

So 2012 was meant to be a busy year! I planned to walk in Cleveland and crew in Atlanta. And up until this week I was, but due to my husband’s work (HE GETS TO GO TO INDONESIA!!) I am now only crewing Atlanta…BUT I am okay with it. I was going to have to miss some vital Pre-K meetings for Child #1 :-)

Well that’s me in a nutshell!! See ya on Twitter!!

Anne Marie – @amdesimone

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