I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to post something here on my Tweep page. After all, I have been proud to call myself a 3dayTweep for several months. I have written about the powerful connection that Tweeting can bring (here). I think I was the second person to buy a 3DayTweeps tshirt (which I wear on lots of training walks!) and I still wear the Twitter silly band that I was given during the Chicago 3Day by another crewbie who was thrilled by my stories of our tweep sister- and brotherhood.

Anyway, it has taken me all this time for whatever reason. But now, here I am.

My name is Lauri, in Tweep-land, I am @60milegirl. I have been addicted to the 3Day events since my first walk in Boston in 2001. Walking in that event changed my life in a bunch of ways. One of the big life changes, I wrote about here. And then there is also the fact that I met my husband on my first walk – he was walking in his second 3Day event. (Yes, there is true love on a 3Day!)

Every year, my husband Matt and I walk in one city and crew in another. We’ve been doing that for a few years. I talked about some of the reasons we walk and crew in this interview with fellow 3DayTweep @nhanderson. This year, we crewed in Chicago (lunch!) and we’re getting ready to walk in Washington, DC. The DC walk will be my 16th event and it will be Matt’s 17th. Our friends, families and neighbors often comment on how much we’re out walking – but training for these events is like a part-time job. Why do we train? Because it is worth it.  33 events between the two of us and over $100,000 raised in the fight against breast cancer.

I started walking in 2001 to honor my friend, Mary Kay, as she was struggling through her chemo and radiation. I walk in her memory now; but I also walk and crew in honor of the hundreds of survivors I have met during years of walking, crewing and fundraising. I walk and crew in the hope that my own daughter will never fear this disease. I walk and I crew because the words “everybody deserves a lifetime” are more than just a catchy slogan, they are a message that I carry in my heart and in my sneakers every day.

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