I’m the 3 Day Mug and even though I am on Twitter like the rest of the 3 Day Tweeps,  I am a little bit different than the rest of the team.  That’s because I am “walking” in at least 10 3 Day events in 2010!

(Okay, and I’m also a Mug.  I guess that makes me unique as well!)

I was created by Mom (who also goes by Kristen or @kscincotta) as part of a 3 Day fundraiser for my Aunt Julie (who also goes by @knittingbagel).  Soon after, the world got to know me through the power Twitter as Aunt Julie took me on a tour of “OTP Atlanta”.  As my adventures grew bigger, so did my following amongst the 3 Day community.  Being the wonderful, supportive people that they are, they embraced me, a small pink Mug, as one of their own.  And with that, @3DayMug was born!

You can read more about my story in this post, on Mom’s blog, Kristen Walks.

To show my gratitude for all of their efforts in the Breast Cancer 3 Day and beyond, I have made it my mission to attend as many 3 Day events in 2010 as possible and to document every step of my journey on my blog, which you can find at www.3daymug.com.  I want to share with the world what I have discovered: that 3 Day walkers and crew members are some of the kindest, most fun and generous people that one could ever hope to meet!

I currently have plans to attend the following 3 Day events with my fellow 3 Day Tweeps:  Boston, Michigan, Twin Cities, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa, Arizona and San Diego.  If you would like to act as my host for one of the other cities, please let Mom know by emailing her at kscincotta@gmail.com.  I would love to make it to as many cities as possible!!

Oh, and I really like Nutter Butters.  If you happen to see me during a 3 Day for the Cure event, be sure to ask about them.  I might just have a little something to share with you!

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Ready to walk!

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