#Fitwithit Round Up!

First off, a big hand for everyone who participated in our little motivational challenge! We had over 200 check-ins in 10 weeks by 8 people! Great Job! I loved hearing that Maggie and Kristen ran day or night in all kinds of weather. I loved the Keri used her Wii fitness and that Anne Marie got in exercise how ever she could. I loved that Jay was running to lower his blood pressure and the Julie was honest about her struggles with both the mental and physical aspects of her gym time. Every time Cheryl posted a walk around Lake Merrit I was insanely jealous and hope I can visit her again in one of my favorite neighborhoods- both to walk around the lake and go to the bakery there I love so much :>) I know Alison would have no trouble with her 21 Barre classes in January, have you ever known anyone more determined to succeed at something once she put her mind to it?

I got to draw one last weekly winner today, and since I am writing this on my computer attaching a phone pic seemed too hard, so ya’all are just going to have to trust me that it’s JULIE! Fitting, since her convo with Laura inspired me to start this little project.

Speaking of Laura- Can we call thank her for being a cheerleader for all of us? And mailing most, and donating many, and coordinating ALL, of the prizes? Seriously, you, Laura, are exactly the person who embodies why I fell in love with the 3 Day, thanks for setting an example of goodness and kindness and reminding us all of the joy of silly dog noses.

So, we do have a grand prize winner to crown- someone who shared her ENTHUSIASM every time she checked in. 36 times. That’s close to 4 times a week, people. Of course, that grand prize goes- deservedly, to Alison!! Congrats, rock star!

Last week, when I was doing some preliminary math, I realized several other people were going to be over 30 workouts as well- I figured there would be some close runners up, but it turns out that Maggie clocked in 32 workout and both Kristen and I logged 30. Cheryl was close behind at 28. Pretty impressive! Julie overcame sore feet and rather-be-at-home days 17 times. Despite a hectic travel schedule, Jay logged 13 check-ins, the same number as Anne Marie who’s schedule also seems overwhelming to me. Keri joined us late, but managed to get in 6 check-ins herself.

So, thanks everyone! I am still inspired each time you all get out in the cold, or up super early, or to two classes a day..dont stop sharing the victories!

Cheers! Faren

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  1. Laura aka @ldavis1800 says:

    How exciting!!! Great job! In my eyes, you are all #fitwithit champions!!!

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