Third Annual #3DayTweeps Elfster Gift Exchange!

With Hanukkah starting Friday evening and Christmas just around the corner, the always generous and supportive #3DayTweeps community seems to be getting into the spirit of the holidays. That means it must be time for The Third Annual #3DayTweeps Elfster Gift Exchange!

Last year, things got a little mixed up and there ended up being a number of different gift exchanges going on within our pink community. This year, we’re going to simplify things and just have this one exchange for our whole community. That means that instead of the specific types of gifts that each exchange focused on last year, this gift exchange can be whatever you want it to be. Cookies, treats, an ornament, a craft, whatever you can afford or want to give – it’s all up to you! We have set a general price limit for gifts at $25 but please do not feel like you have to spend that much money in order to participate. We want as many #3DayTweeps to take part in this as possible.

In order to facilitate the Secret Santa-style (or in this case Secret #3DayTweep-style) exchange of names, we are again using the Elfster website to run our gift exchange. You can find the main page for our exchange here. Through this site, you can join our exchange (you may have to set up a free account with the site first), set up a wish list to help your Secret #3DayTweep with their shopping for you, view your chosen partner’s wish list (and ask additional questions of them anonymously), and just generally follow along in the gift giving fun. Please be aware that you will need to enter your mailing address on the site so that your Secret #3DayTweep knows where to send your gifts, but this information will not be posted publicly on the site.

Now, the most important part: on the website, we have posted that people can join our exchange up to Friday, December 14th. However, a number of veteran gift-exchangers have already expressed a desire to exchange names sooner than that. So instead, we are asking that everyone that is interested in joining the #3DayTweeps exchange please register by TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11th at MIDNIGHT (PST). Everyone who registered before that date will then receive an email identifying their Secret #3DayTweep on Wednesday. A tentative “due date” for the gift exchange has been set for December 15th. However, if it takes a little longer than that to get your gifts in the mail, that’s ok. This is all meant to be fun, not stressful!

I think that covers all of the relevant details. Kristin N. (@cupcakekristin) is organizing this exchange, so if you have any questions or difficulties with the Elfster site, please tweet them at her.

Relatedly, after many #3DayTweeps expressed a desire for a master list of contact information for everyone for sending cards, other non-Elfster gift giving, and other purposes, Pam Hembree (@lilshadetree) took it on herself to compile and distribute one for us. If you would like to be included and/or would like a copy of the list, please tweet at Pam for more information.

Thank you to everyone for a great year! Happy gifting!

~ Kristen

PS – How is everyone doing with the #3DayTweeps #FitWithIt challenge that @faren800 is heading up?


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