Fit With It, Pink People!

Hello Pink People! I don’t know about you, but the end of the 3 day season leaves me with mixed feelings..sad to not have a new tweeps list tweet from Kristen for each city, happy to tuck away for recharging my physical & virtual cheering voice for a while, and super excited to start looking forward to the next year’s events (CHI 2013) (#teamteton!) 
Many people including myself, are motivated to start walking the 3 day to get healthy. Personally, I also wanted to do something that could help the people I care about live longer, healthier lives. Over the past few years my 3 day people have become some of the people I care about most. I have been inspired by so many of you, in so many ways, but especially to push myself to eat more carefully and exercise more ambitiously. I want to be healthy and to be around long enough to see the end of breast cancer. And, of course, I want you all there with me! 
I have really enjoyed how we are so good at being each other’s cheerleaders and I thought maybe a little fun could go even further towards helping each other’s fitness goal this holiday season. 
So here’s what I am proposing- Every time you work out- gym, run, training walk, at home fitness video, tweet about it and you can get one entry into our weekly prize drawing. At the end of January the person who has done the most workouts will be awarded a grand prize!
Here’s how it works-
When you work out you are going to have to check in with some kind of app that pings twitter (Foursquare, MFP, RunKeeper, whatever). I am going to use the hashtag #fitwithit to track your entries, so you may have to RT if the app you are using won’t let you add a hashtag. 
I will put all our entries into an online picker for a weekly drawing, every week starting fresh with new entries..but I will also be tracking total workouts for the grand prize through Friday February first. 
I am contributing some Aveda products as prizes, and Laura has some things in mind as well. If you have anything you would like to offer to add to our prize pool, please contact Laura (@ldavis1800) and let her know (no food please!)
The workout week will be Saturday-Friday (giving me the weekend to draw a winner) so we will start Saturday December 1st.
No need to notify me in advance of your participation just start using the hashtag on your workout check ins and you will be entered!
Thanks for playing, friends!

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2 Responses to Fit With It, Pink People!

  1. faren800 says:

    I have some directions about how to use My Fitness Pal to post your workout to Twitter using the #fitwithit hashag…
    Start here-
    and authorize your account to access Twitter.
    Next goto your phone app and under settings/news feed privacy settings to have at least the cardiovascular box checked (anything else is fine, too, just know it will be on your Twitter feed..)
    One last step-
    Go to add to diary’ /cardio/create a new exercise and create atleast one with the #fitwithit hashtag in the name. Use that to record your workout. (if you are using it to track your calories as well, you are going to have to tell it how many calories per hour you are can use Google for this or use what ever the app already says for which ever activity you are doing. Or if you are using gym or other equiptment that tracks calories obviously you can use that)
    Ok…does that make sense? Let me know if you have other questions!

  2. Laura aka @ldavis1800 says:

    OK… so on the prize front, here’s what I was thinking. The prizes will be donated from members of the group. Let me know what you are willing to provide and I will keep track of what the prize will be for each week.

    Weekly winners will get something “small”, e.g., under $10 retail (think Vapur water bottle, nice shea butter soap, starbuck’s gift card, iTunes gift card).

    The grand prize winner, which is the person who really ingrains these habits into their life, will get something “big”. Right now, I am thinking the grand prize will be a Hobo ruthie handbag in Fuschia ( that I am donating from my shop.

    Let me know what you think of these types of prizes – and if you would be willing to donate. Thanks!!!

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