Good Luck Atlanta #3DayTweeps!

Happy Atlanta 3 Day!

The Atlanta event is usually my favorite 3 Day of the year because it’s on my home turf. However, this year, I’m in Washington DC on a business trip and won’t be there. So, Atlanta-area tweeps, you better stalk the heck out of those walkers and crew and volunteers on my behalf. And non-Atlanta-area tweeps, you guys need to cheer on all of our Atlanta participants extra loud in my absence. To help you out in this important task, I’m posting the Atlanta #3DayTweeps list a night early:

This list includes the Atlanta walkers, the Atlanta crew, the Atlanta volunteers, AND the local area Atlanta walker stalkers. So if you want to know what’s going on at the Atlanta 3 Day this weekend, this list should cover everyone.

And hey, Atlanta walkers/crew/volunteers: be excessively awesome this weekend and have a blast!! Go Team #3DayTweeps!

~ Kristen

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