#PinkestLoser Update

Ok folks, we’ve gotten through Week 1 of our Pinkest Loser Challenge, and I have to say, I’m really proud of each of you. As a team, we lost over 40 lbs. 40lbs, people! That’s a whole Niblette fully dressed and soaking wet!! To those of you who gained: It’s only Week 1. To those of you who maintained: It’s only Week 1. To those of you who lost: It’s only Week 1. a.k.a There is still a lot of time to shrink our waistlines and increase our fitness.

So, here are the details you’ve all been dying to hear: I’ve only listed losing percentages. A name without a number is a Pinkest Loser who maintained or gained. 

Julie (@JulieWalks) – 1.72%
AnneMarie (@amdesimone) – 2.93%
Kate (@krazykate30)  - .66%
Faren (@faren800) – 1.31%
Betsy (@CAColtsFan18) – 4.12%
Kandice (@KandiceSage)  - 2.5%
Paula (@PaulaMarieWalks)
Kacie (@kaaaaacie) – .93%
Lisa (@LisaBrewster) – 1.96%
D’Lyn (@3DayMom)
Alison (@Glancz) – 1.22%
Tiffany (@TarHeelTiff) – 1.92%
Shannon (@shanmceon) – .32%
Maggie (@curvedyelofruit) – .20%
Bernadette (@kiss316)
Tricia (@LazyTcrochet)
Lori (@lori3day)
Amy (@amycran)

As you can see, Betsy is this week’s Pinkest Loser. She posted a really impressive weight loss and managed to kick 4.12% of her total body weight to the curb! Great job, Betsy!!

All right, Tweeps. I just want to say that you all did an amazing job. Everyone was so supportive of everyone’s success and struggles. And it’s going to be the support of our friends and teammates that will pull us through these next couple of months.

I’m off to bike the neighborhood with Niblette. See you on Twitter soon!


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