#TTC2CR Schedule by time zones

It’s here! Time for our #TTC2CR!

So I’ve made 3 schedules, for EST, CST and PST, because those are the time zones we have participants in.

East Coast Time

Central Time

Pacific Time

What’s next? Well, if you are out walking, and if you can, keep us updated on how your walk is going by live tweeting using the hash tag #TTC2CR.

When you are not out walking (or, really, even if you are) don’t forget to cheer for your fellow walkers using their Twitter name, and if you have room in your tweet- the #TTC2CR hash tag.

Ask your followers to CHEER! Forward this blog post to your followers and ask them to cheer your fellow 3-Day Tweeps by using their Twitter names while they are out walking. REMEMBER- if you are using TweetDeck or other application you can also schedule your Tweets- especially, say, if you want to cheer for someone who will start walking before you are even out of bed in your time zone!

If you did not plan to walk in #TTC2CR but then get inspired to- don’t fret, just hit the road and let us all know by using the #TTC2CR hash tag! Also- send me a note @faren800 as I should be home most of the day and can probably still add you to the master schedule!

Now go forward and walk (or cheer!) everyone!

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