For the last few weeks several of us have been spending our weekends out walking, sometimes on our own. And the one day…something magical happened that, it seems, can only happen with the help of something like Twitter.. You all started cheering, supporting and virtually joining each other on walks as they happened all across the country.

This gave me an idea…What if we organized ourselves in a day of walking where as many of us as possible planned to walk..and what if we could manage to have at least one 3-Day Tweep walking at any given time through the better part of a day..?

You know, relay style.

So after getting a few supportive responses I threw out a date and planning started taking shape for this coast to coast event.

I am really hoping you can join us! I have been brainstorming a few ideas about how this can work, here are a few of my thoughts-

First I thought we needed a hashtag- and the lovely Julie came up with #TeamTwitterCoast2CoastRelay now shortened to #TTC2CR

I am going to make a chart showing who is walking at what time- actually one for each time zone so from where you are you can see at any given time who is out walking.

I was thinking we could share this and encourage our own followers to “cheer” for specific walkers out walking by tweeting their support with their Twitter names.

We can add up the miles we plan to walk to get a total number of miles for the day,  as well as the total number of hours Tweeps will be out walking.

All of the above information might make a great topic for a fundraising email if one is so inclined…
If you are a Training Walk Leader in your area you should consider posting and high lighting this walk to encourage more people to join in- maybe you will uncover some new walkers in your area who would like to join the 3-Day Tweeps!

Maybe some of the 3-Day ambassadors among us would like to blog about our Relay?

Anyone else have thoughts or ideas?

Here’s how you can participate as a walker in our Team Twitter Coast to Coast Relay-

The date we have picked is Saturday, July 9th 2011

First I believe you must be logged in to the 3-Day Tweeps blog site (this one you are reading right now) to add yourself to the schedule.

Once you have a time and distance planned for your walk, click on the scheduler-#TTC2CR (makes sure you are on July 9th, 2011) and double click on one of the little grey or white stripes located near the times listed on the left side. This should get you a dialogue box in which to enter your event. In the description please enter-

  1. Your Twitter name (including the @ please)
  2. Your Time Zone
  3. Mileage for your walk

Yes- this calendar is not going to allow for the different time zones, but don’t worry I will sort that out on a nice spread sheet and it will be very easy to read and pretty when it is all done!

Im really excited about walking ‘with’ all of you!


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