Congratulations to the Newest 3 Day Ambassadors

The 3 Day for the Cure Ambassadors for the 2011 season were notified this morning and a number of our fellow 3 Day Tweeps were among them!  Congratulations to the following newly (or re-newly) minted Ambassadors for the 3 Day:

D’lyn Biggs (@3DayMom)
John Welsh (@60miles)
Aaron Corcoran (@aaroncorcoran)
Abbie Vicknair (@abbielicious613)
Terri Cloyd (@Angeleyes102699)
Vanessa Dekoekkoek (@DESIGNESSA)
Cat Holland (@fatgirlwalkin)
Jay Furr (@jayfurr)
Kacie Kersey (@kaaaaacie)
Kristen Cincotta (@kscincotta)
Mandy Sellers (@lastminutemandy)
Laurie Brosius (@laurie_pooh)
Leanne Johnston (@leannethewalker)
Christine Camper (@MrsClutterBrain)
Nicole Anderson (@nhanderson)
Jessica Dunn (@QueenJessD)
Robin Boyle (@walkers4life)
Rikki Noel-Williams (@walkinforacure)

I highly encourage everyone to follow the Ambassadors (and all of the 3 Day Tweeps!) on Twitter for training tips, fund raising advice and encouragement. I have put together this Twitter List for all of the Ambassadors that I have found so far on Twitter.

Congratulations, Ambassadors!

Kristen, who is also an Ambassador again in 2011

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