#Fitwithit Round Up!

First off, a big hand for everyone who participated in our little motivational challenge! We had over 200 check-ins in 10 weeks by 8 people! Great Job! I loved hearing that Maggie and Kristen ran day or night in all kinds of weather. I loved the Keri used her Wii fitness and that Anne Marie got in exercise how ever she could. I loved that Jay was running to lower his blood pressure and the Julie was honest about her struggles with both the mental and physical aspects of her gym time. Every time Cheryl posted a walk around Lake Merrit I was insanely jealous and hope I can visit her again in one of my favorite neighborhoods- both to walk around the lake and go to the bakery there I love so much :>) I know Alison would have no trouble with her 21 Barre classes in January, have you ever known anyone more determined to succeed at something once she put her mind to it?

I got to draw one last weekly winner today, and since I am writing this on my computer attaching a phone pic seemed too hard, so ya’all are just going to have to trust me that it’s JULIE! Fitting, since her convo with Laura inspired me to start this little project.

Speaking of Laura- Can we call thank her for being a cheerleader for all of us? And mailing most, and donating many, and coordinating ALL, of the prizes? Seriously, you, Laura, are exactly the person who embodies why I fell in love with the 3 Day, thanks for setting an example of goodness and kindness and reminding us all of the joy of silly dog noses.

So, we do have a grand prize winner to crown- someone who shared her ENTHUSIASM every time she checked in. 36 times. That’s close to 4 times a week, people. Of course, that grand prize goes- deservedly, to Alison!! Congrats, rock star!

Last week, when I was doing some preliminary math, I realized several other people were going to be over 30 workouts as well- I figured there would be some close runners up, but it turns out that Maggie clocked in 32 workout and both Kristen and I logged 30. Cheryl was close behind at 28. Pretty impressive! Julie overcame sore feet and rather-be-at-home days 17 times. Despite a hectic travel schedule, Jay logged 13 check-ins, the same number as Anne Marie who’s schedule also seems overwhelming to me. Keri joined us late, but managed to get in 6 check-ins herself.

So, thanks everyone! I am still inspired each time you all get out in the cold, or up super early, or to two classes a day..dont stop sharing the victories!

Cheers! Faren

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Third Annual #3DayTweeps Elfster Gift Exchange!

With Hanukkah starting Friday evening and Christmas just around the corner, the always generous and supportive #3DayTweeps community seems to be getting into the spirit of the holidays. That means it must be time for The Third Annual #3DayTweeps Elfster Gift Exchange!

Last year, things got a little mixed up and there ended up being a number of different gift exchanges going on within our pink community. This year, we’re going to simplify things and just have this one exchange for our whole community. That means that instead of the specific types of gifts that each exchange focused on last year, this gift exchange can be whatever you want it to be. Cookies, treats, an ornament, a craft, whatever you can afford or want to give – it’s all up to you! We have set a general price limit for gifts at $25 but please do not feel like you have to spend that much money in order to participate. We want as many #3DayTweeps to take part in this as possible.

In order to facilitate the Secret Santa-style (or in this case Secret #3DayTweep-style) exchange of names, we are again using the Elfster website to run our gift exchange. You can find the main page for our exchange here. Through this site, you can join our exchange (you may have to set up a free account with the site first), set up a wish list to help your Secret #3DayTweep with their shopping for you, view your chosen partner’s wish list (and ask additional questions of them anonymously), and just generally follow along in the gift giving fun. Please be aware that you will need to enter your mailing address on the site so that your Secret #3DayTweep knows where to send your gifts, but this information will not be posted publicly on the site.

Now, the most important part: on the website, we have posted that people can join our exchange up to Friday, December 14th. However, a number of veteran gift-exchangers have already expressed a desire to exchange names sooner than that. So instead, we are asking that everyone that is interested in joining the #3DayTweeps exchange please register by TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11th at MIDNIGHT (PST). Everyone who registered before that date will then receive an email identifying their Secret #3DayTweep on Wednesday. A tentative “due date” for the gift exchange has been set for December 15th. However, if it takes a little longer than that to get your gifts in the mail, that’s ok. This is all meant to be fun, not stressful!

I think that covers all of the relevant details. Kristin N. (@cupcakekristin) is organizing this exchange, so if you have any questions or difficulties with the Elfster site, please tweet them at her.

Relatedly, after many #3DayTweeps expressed a desire for a master list of contact information for everyone for sending cards, other non-Elfster gift giving, and other purposes, Pam Hembree (@lilshadetree) took it on herself to compile and distribute one for us. If you would like to be included and/or would like a copy of the list, please tweet at Pam for more information.

Thank you to everyone for a great year! Happy gifting!

~ Kristen

PS – How is everyone doing with the #3DayTweeps #FitWithIt challenge that @faren800 is heading up?


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Fit With It, Pink People!

Hello Pink People! I don’t know about you, but the end of the 3 day season leaves me with mixed feelings..sad to not have a new tweeps list tweet from Kristen for each city, happy to tuck away for recharging my physical & virtual cheering voice for a while, and super excited to start looking forward to the next year’s events (CHI 2013) (#teamteton!) 
Many people including myself, are motivated to start walking the 3 day to get healthy. Personally, I also wanted to do something that could help the people I care about live longer, healthier lives. Over the past few years my 3 day people have become some of the people I care about most. I have been inspired by so many of you, in so many ways, but especially to push myself to eat more carefully and exercise more ambitiously. I want to be healthy and to be around long enough to see the end of breast cancer. And, of course, I want you all there with me! 
I have really enjoyed how we are so good at being each other’s cheerleaders and I thought maybe a little fun could go even further towards helping each other’s fitness goal this holiday season. 
So here’s what I am proposing- Every time you work out- gym, run, training walk, at home fitness video, tweet about it and you can get one entry into our weekly prize drawing. At the end of January the person who has done the most workouts will be awarded a grand prize!
Here’s how it works-
When you work out you are going to have to check in with some kind of app that pings twitter (Foursquare, MFP, RunKeeper, whatever). I am going to use the hashtag #fitwithit to track your entries, so you may have to RT if the app you are using won’t let you add a hashtag. 
I will put all our entries into an online picker for a weekly drawing, every week starting fresh with new entries..but I will also be tracking total workouts for the grand prize through Friday February first. 
I am contributing some Aveda products as prizes, and Laura has some things in mind as well. If you have anything you would like to offer to add to our prize pool, please contact Laura (@ldavis1800) and let her know (no food please!)
The workout week will be Saturday-Friday (giving me the weekend to draw a winner) so we will start Saturday December 1st.
No need to notify me in advance of your participation just start using the hashtag on your workout check ins and you will be entered!
Thanks for playing, friends!

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Good Luck San Diego #3DayTweeps!

I can’t believe I’m writing this already, but it’s the eve of the last 3 Day event of the 2012 season ALREADY! The season has flown by, with pink spirit spread across the country from Seattle to Tampa and Boston to now San Diego! We have a whole gaggle of #3DayTweeps walking and crewing in San Diego, so to help everyone keep track, I’ve put together a Twitter list here:

Let’s make this the best, loudest, most twitter-cheered event this season and go out on a pink high! And San Diego Tweeps, have fun and try not to get distracted by the beach along the way! Happy walking and happy crewing and happy supporting and whatever else you’re doing this weekend!

~ Kristen

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Good Luck Arizona #3DayTweeps!

Hello #3DayTweeps!

It’s 3 Day weekend again, and this time we’re back out on the west coast for the Arizona walk! To help everyone cheer on our fellow #3DayTweeps as the walk and crew their way through the desert, I’ve put together a twitter list of our Arizona tweeps:

Have fun and kick some butt out there in the southwest tweeps! And I know that friendliness and support and encouragement is big in our pink family but remember: don’t hug the cacti – they’re prickly!

~ Kristen

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Good Luck DFW #3DayTweeps!

Hello #3DayTweeps!

First and foremost, I hope that all of my fellow tweeps along the east coast made it through Super Storm Sandy in one piece and that everyone is doing ok. If anyone knows of any of fellow #3DayTweeps that need extra help, please let me know!

Second, the DFW walk kicks off early tomorrow morning! We have a great group of tweeps taking part and as always, I want to encourage everyone to them all on in whatever way possible. To help everyone “twitter stalk” the walk, I’ve compiled a Twitter list of our DFW #3DayTweeps:

Good luck tomorrow and throughout the weekend, DFW tweeps! After a hard and emotional week for the country, we could all use a dose of pink positivity and you are just the tweeps to bring it to us!

~ Kristen

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Good Luck Tampa Bay #3DayTweeps!

Hey hey hey! It’s time to cheer on our crew and walkers in Tampa Bay!

As usual, I’ve rounded up all of the #3DayTweeps walking or crewing this weekend in sunny Tampa Bay and compiled them into a Twitter list for everyone to follow:

Tampa Bay friends, I know you’re going to have a blast and kick some serious pink butt all over that city. Good luck and don’t forget to tweet lots of pictures!

~ Kristen

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Good Luck Atlanta #3DayTweeps!

Happy Atlanta 3 Day!

The Atlanta event is usually my favorite 3 Day of the year because it’s on my home turf. However, this year, I’m in Washington DC on a business trip and won’t be there. So, Atlanta-area tweeps, you better stalk the heck out of those walkers and crew and volunteers on my behalf. And non-Atlanta-area tweeps, you guys need to cheer on all of our Atlanta participants extra loud in my absence. To help you out in this important task, I’m posting the Atlanta #3DayTweeps list a night early:

This list includes the Atlanta walkers, the Atlanta crew, the Atlanta volunteers, AND the local area Atlanta walker stalkers. So if you want to know what’s going on at the Atlanta 3 Day this weekend, this list should cover everyone.

And hey, Atlanta walkers/crew/volunteers: be excessively awesome this weekend and have a blast!! Go Team #3DayTweeps!

~ Kristen

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Good Luck Washington DC Tweeps!

Apologies for the late post! But, better late than never… Here is the Twitter list for all of our #3DayTweeps walking in the Washington DC 3 Day tomorrow morning!

Fellow tweeps, let’s be sure to let these fabulous #3DayTweeps know that we’re thinking of them as they turn our capital city pink! And DC Tweeps, good luck and kick butt! We’re all cheering for you!!

~ Kristen

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Good Luck to the Philly #3DayTweeps!

With our long break between events, I almost forgot that the Philly walk starts tomorrow! We’ve got a handful of #3DayTweeps walking around the City of Brotherly Love this weekend and I’m trusting all of you to cheer them on for me while I’m at a family wedding. To help you all out, I have created a Twitter list widget for our Philly #3DayTweeps:

Good luck Philly walkers! I can’t wait to hear about all the excitement when I get back!

~ Kristen

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